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Due to the GDPR we've had to merge this site with it's parent site RakeTheRake.com.
You can still login and view your rakeback and referrals from RakeTheRake and you account is still tagged to us as before.

What does this mean for you?

As a player who signed up via this site:

You will still be able to earn rakeback and refer players just like before. You can see all your rakeback earnings and stats if you login to the members area on RakeTheRake. You can login with the same details as you used to do on this site

As an affiliate with your own rakeback site:

Well, your site is unfortunately no longer with us. However all the referrals are still tagged to you and you can still recruit new players with your links and marketing materials. Just login with the same details on RakeTheRake to view your earnings and access our marketing materials.

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